Starship SN9's 10km flight

These photos of Starship SN9’s flight were taken from Isla Blanca Park, on South Padre Island, TX.

Unlike SN8’s flight, I only made a single trip to South Padre Island, and I didn’t stay for sunset (so I missed out on what turned out to be a gorgeous sunset.)

I shot SN8 photos from near the auditorium, but for SN9 I decided to shoot from the jetty.

SN9 liftoff

Taken moments after liftoff. SN9 is on the right, and slightly higher than SN10 at this point.

SN9 ascent

SN9 has cleared the tower (aka SN10.)

SN9 ascent (wide)

SN9 is visible in the center of frame.

SN9 ascent (bird)

Flying creatures unite!

SN9 apogee vent

SN9 vents liquid oxygen at apogee.

SN9 skydive descent

Taken moments before engine ignition and (failed) flip maneuver.

SN9 midway through the flip

Two engines should be running, and SN9 shouldn’t be quite this close to the ground.

SN9 impacts the landing pad

With only a single engine running, SN9 had too much momentum to correct with a single engine, and tipped too far the other way. At the moment of impact, SN9 was rolling and yawing far beyond the control authority of the single running engine.

SN9 fireball 1
SN9 fireball 2
SN9 aftermath

The remains of SN9 continue to smoke.