Here’s a chronological list containing every post I’ve made. Art, fiction, photos… it’s all here.

Starship SN9's 10km flight 11 items

I took these photos of Starship’s flight from Isla Blanca Park at South Padre Island, TX.

Rocket Exhaust VFX breakdown

How to use Blender Cycles volumetrics to make realistic-looking rocket exhaust.

Ford Transit Teardown

So, I bought a van. It’s a 2017 Ford Transit, and now I need to return this van to a pristine, near-factory state; a blank canvas to build upon, if you will. Here’s how I did it.

New Years 2020 Fireworks 8 items
Salsa Blueprint Font

I created a font based on my handwriting. Here’s how I did it.

Apogee Static Site Generator

I built a powerful static site generator for hackers and builders. It’s more configurable and extendable than any SSG I’ve ever used.

Starship SN8's 12.5km flight 15 items

I took these photos of Starship’s flight from Isla Blanca Park at South Padre Island, TX.

Vertex Oven

Vertex Oven is an addon for Blender 3D that bakes ambient occlusion to vertex data.

SpaceX Falcon 9 landing burn
Xon Wasp departing Venalis Station
Illustration for Robert Zubrin's article on Moon Direct for the New Atlantis
The Bearded Dragon

Three months later, for my birthday, my parents’ gift was a lizard – a bearded dragon. My parents had even gotten a terrarium with a layer of store-bought gravel, and my dragon looked happy to be sunning on the gray rock under the heat lamp. In a fit of giddy irony, I named her Clyde.

Transcript of Tom Mueller's speech interview on May 2, 2017

On May 2, 2017, Tom Mueller, propulsion CTO at SpaceX, conducted a speech/interview with some members of the New York University Astronomy Society. This was streamed live on Twitch; I’ve transcribed it with the help of u/dansemacabred2, u/jclishman, and u/Zucal. Many thanks!

Heart of Gold performs its Trans-Mars Injection burn
SpaceX Falcon 9 Booster Landing on OCISLY
SpaceX Falcon 9 Booster Glide
SpaceX ITS Mars Lander Components
SpaceX ITS Mars Lander Engine Layout
SpaceX Falcon 9 Control
SpaceX ITS Mars Lander Scale
SpaceX Falcon 9 Hawthorne to Launch
SpaceX Falcon 9 Transport
SpaceX Falcon 9 Scale
SpaceX Dragon 2 Components
SpaceX Dragon 1 Components
ULA Vulcan Overview
SpaceX Falcon 9 Components
SpaceX Dragon 2 Engine Layout
SpaceX Red Dragon at Mars
Ford Transit 2017 LWB Medium Roof Dimensions
Ford Transit 2017 LWB Medium Roof Floor Design